Kids and Adults Afro Beats

Time & Location

Sunday, August 23rd, 11:15 AM - 12:00 PM

Eastern Promenade- Portland, Maine.
Further details about location will be emailed.

More Information 

Come enjoy a fun Afro Beats workshop outdoors. This is available for kids 4+ and adults. We'll be going over different Afro Beats moves while enjoying Afro Beat music. This will be a fun workshop that'll allow you to introduce a new style of dance to your little one. 

Afro Beat is a mixture of hip hop, jazz, and African moves. It is not tied down to one country or region in Africa, but brings together all the different types of dance from all the countries.

In order for this class to safely be enjoyed, all members are required to remain 6 feet apart. Admission is limited and pre-registration is mandatory. 

Pre-registration is available here

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