Dance For A Nonprofit


DFNP first online dance class is available now! Enjoy a 30 minute pre-recorded session to learn African, jazz, and hip hop movement techniques. Video will be rented for 72 hours. Donations will go directly back to the non-profit Kutoa Afrika.


Their mission is to to raise awareness of the intrinsic value of child protection as an essential part of education in African communities. They aimed to provide a safe space for students and their families, to develop the following core values:

               Core Values

  • Honesty

  • Integrity

  • Courage

  • Independent Thinking

  • Kindness

  • Protection of the Weak

You can find Kutoa Afrika at

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Here are 4 donation options. 

You can also donate more at Kutoa Afrika

Song: Wagwan By Milo & Fabio

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